24/7 gym run by locals!

Kings Gym has all the benifits of a franchise 24/7 gym with none of the downfall. We have no lock in contracts! Our team of friendly local trainers are here to help you.

Membership Prices:

Weekly: $15

Fortnightly: $30

Monthly: $60

6 Months: $330

12 Months: $600

Casual Day visit: $10

Casual 24/7 Week Pass: $25

Access Tag: $10 Deposit

You can set up a membership at on the Members page, select sign up.



Office Hours:

Mon to Fri - 9am to 6pm

Closed Public Holidays and weekends.

211 Grey St, Glen Innes NSW 2370



Kings Gym Branded Gym Wear can be found at




The KingsFit Challenge 2016 which saw our challengers lose a total of 1864cm and 642kg.


We have training programs outside the Challenge that runs from Sept each year, that you can take advatage of to set and achieve your goals. Now with a Kings Gym App, you can sync your Fitbit and your trainer can be closer than ever. They will monitor your progress every step of the way. Head to our Packages page to see more. 

Online packages available too so we can help you no matter where you live!